Digital Media

Three main things will be considered when evaluating a student’s design work:


Effort - visible in the work and/or demonstrated in class; spend quality time on your work!

Creativity - how original your work is

Following Directions - did you explore the assignment as given?


Digital & Interactive Media

Pen /Pencil

1 Subject Notebook

2-inch 3-ring binder

8GB Flash Drive

Class Syllabus|Rules

3rd 6 Weeks

Technology Use


Students should have all devices on silent mode and put away when I am teaching. If you are doing independent work you may listen to music with one ear-bud in your ear.




Student grades for this course will be calculated according to the following percentages:

  • 50% Major projects
  • 50% Small Projects / Practice Assignments
  • On time maximum credit: 100%
  • Late work maximum credit: 70% (10 points off per day late)




As a result of taking this class, you should be able to:

Work professionally within a design team.

Identify numerous design and multimedia careers which are available.

Evaluate designs (your work and others’) for audience, meaning, and effectiveness.

Use the elements and principles of design in a decisive fashion.

Create digital graphics and work with images.

Create attractive layouts that communicate messages effectively.

Use color to communicate ideas to others.

Use typography effectively in a design.


In addition to the comprehensive objectives, you should be able to:

Use Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations, logos, and graphics.

Use Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs, create artistic imagery, and  create graphics.

Use Adobe InDesign to create publications such as advertisements and brochures.

  • Use Adobe Flash Professional to create an animation.


How Do I Make Up Missing or Incomplete Work?

You are expected to keep up with lessons and projects in class. Keep track of course assignments and due dates at this website. Late or incomplete work can be turned in during the same six weeks for a reduced score of 10 points per day. If the work is late due to an excused absence, you will have one extra school day per day of excused absence to complete it without a reduction in grade.

Please let me know as soon as you have submitted a late assignment. Otherwise I will not know to look for it.


Open Lab - the lab is open at 8:00 am every morning for students to come in and work.


Design Room Rules

Refer to the Student Handbook for school-wide rules. We have design room rules too:

1. Don’t prevent me from teaching.

2. Don’t prevent others from learning.

3. Be safe.

4. Keep things clean.


What Do those 4 Rules Really Mean Day-to-Day?

Here are some examples to show you what I mean. These are examples. Use your common sense when interpreting these rules.

Don’t prevent me from teaching.

• Don’t speak while I am instructing the class.

• Raise your hand if you wish to speak, and wait for me to call on you.

• Don’t interrupt when I am giving personal attention to another student.

Don’t prevent others from learning.

• Don’t behave in a disruptive or distracting way.

• Don’t engage in lengthy off-topic conversations.

• Keep the volume of your voice down.

• No singing, rapping, or other disruptive noises.

Be safe.

• Don’t throw, toss, flick, or roll anything across the table, floor, or classroom.

• Don’t roll across the classroom in your chair.

• Use classroom materials in a safe manner.

• Don’t behave in any way that threatens harm to anyone or our equipment.

Keep things clean.

• Clean up after yourself so your station is ready for the next student.

• Return classroom materials to the proper storage place.

• Don’t eat messy things that can leave residue on the computers.

• Keep your language clean.

Professional Skills Grade

It is my job to help you develop positive work behaviors and personal qualities needed to be employable by demonstrating skills related to seeking employment, creating work samples and earning certifications. Each week you will earn a "professional skills grade" for your professional conduct in class by following the Design Room Rules and following the 4 Rules detailed above.

  • 1st 6 Weeks November 27 - December 1

    Draw/Color in Photoshop 2nd Technique


    Today you will begin working on painting realistically in Photoshop. Open the SWF file tutorial how to paint a wolf for reference, this can be found in the assignments folder.

    The reference image you will be using is also there and is titled Wolf_sketch.jpg. Your goal is to make a realistic wolf, find a reference photo on the Internet that you would like to use for the wolf you are going to sketch.

    Read the instructions carefully!

    TIP -- enlarge your image by 200% like you did on your Line Art assignment and then reduce by 50% at the end to keep a nice crisp image!  File > Image > Image Size.

    Notes for Steps:




    Step 3 -   The TIP is explaining how to create a Clipping Mask by using shortcut keys, this can also be done with the Panel Menu button.

    Step 14 - Find a picture of clouds to add to the background - Apply a BLUR to the CLOUDs (Filter > BLUR)

    This assignment will be due on Friday, december 1st by the end of class, submit to the TurnIn folder for your class

  • 2nd 6 Weeks December 4 - December 8


  • 3rd 6 Weeks December 11 - December 15


  • 4th 6 Weeks December 18 - December 20

  • 5th 6 Weeks January 3 - January 5

  • 6th 6 Weeks January 8 - January 12




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