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Storyboard Pro

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Storyboard Pro - Advanced Storyboarding Solution for Experts

Storyboard Pro is the best storyboarding software for doing digital storyboards. Complete all tasks from drawing, to animatic, to many export options. Benefit from the industry-standard technology whether you're animating a 2D or 3D animation project, live action project, or game.

Story Drives Art

Storyboarding software that combines drawing and animation tools with camera controls. Develop the story with total artistic control.

Tell the Story

Go from script to thumbnails to finished boards in Storyboard Pro. Interactively revise pacing, camera angles and visuals as the story takes form.

Be a Master of Visual Storytelling

Storyboard Pro gives you everything you need to storyboard your episodic, advertising, film, and other creative projects. Evolve your story using the same storyboarding program that thousands of studios and individuals use worldwide.

Storyboard Artist

Built in drawing and animation tools give you total flexibility for drawing, revising and reordering your scenes. With no need to switch programs, animated or live boards can be done better and faster.

Game Designer

Plan out your cinematics with the attention to story detail that will really showcase your games. Communicate the look and feel of individual game characters, props and levels to your game artists and developers.

Creative Director & Motion Graphic Designer

Visualize, organize and pitch your creative brief. Add in reference art, camera angles and block out basic animation to get early feedback from team members and clients.

See what Storyboard Pro can do!

Seven Reasons to Animate Using Harmony?

Toon Boom Harmony is the leading professional animation software, designed for animators. Harmony removes many of the barriers encountered by artists who use Flash as an authoring tool.

Harmony features include:

  1. Artist-friendly drawing tools including textured pencils and vector brushes that deliver beautiful tapered and textured lines
  2. Advanced deformation and shape morphing tools
  3. Full character rigging and part swapping capabilities for rapid character posing
  4. 2D camera moves with perfect (non-jittered) rendering of raster images
  5. Full multiplane capability for zooming into layered backgrounds
  6. Depth control of drawing order makes passing of objects in front and behind easy to accomplish
  7. Universal colour control over the entire project via custom palettes
  8. Special effects tools built into the animation environment with the efficiency of real-time preview
  9. Ability to import and render 3D models for hybrid animation production
  10. 3D camera and Z-depth for perspective camera views/moves
  11. Support for any style of animation (traditional, paperless, cut-out)
  12. Quality final rendering for any resolution from HD to 4K and 8K
  13. Integration with other tools in the pipeline including Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and Maya

Toon Boom Certifications


  1. Gain industry recognition.
  2. Demonstrate expertise in the latest Toon Boom technology.
  3. Improve performance to add value to career skills.
  4. Gain confidence and peer recognition.
  5. Differentiate skills from peers and competitors.
  6. Become part of an elite group of skilled animators.
  7. Align with an industry leader.
  8. Become positioned for career and academic advancement.
  9. Demonstrate proficiency in digital animation.
  10. Digital badging available.


Animation Concepts with Harmony Advanced

This course covers all the essentials animation concepts, from animation principles to production pipeline with Harmony Advanced.

  1. History of Animation
  2. Animation Techniques
  3. Animation Workflow
  4. Animation Principles
  5. Basic Concepts with Harmony Advanced


Character Design with Harmony Advanced and Premium

Learn about designing characters with good proportions, and construction in Harmony Advanced and Premium.

  1. Introduction to Character Design
  2. Character Design Basic Steps
  3. Character Proportions
  4. Character Model Sheets
  5. Relative Size of Characters
  6. Character Design Preparation
  7. Activity 1: Sketching a Character
  8. Activity 2: Creating a Brush Preset
  9. Activity 3: Sketching th Details
  10. Activity 4: Tracing the Character
  11. Activity 5: Deconstructing a Character


Storyboard Foundation -

This course takes you through the basic concepts in Storyboard Pro. You will learn how to create storyboards complete with camera moves, animation and sound.


These are the modules my students completed:


  1. Storyboard Concepts: Learn how to use Storyboard Pro to create storyboards complete with camera moves, animation and sound.
  2. Project Creation: Learn about projects and how to create and optimize them.
  3. Drawing and Colour: Learn about the drawing tools and how to draw and edit shapes.
  4. Animatic: Learn how to create an animatic with camera moves, animation and sound.


Module 1: How to Create and Set Up your Project with Harmony Advanced


Learn about projects and how to set one up and import bitmap images and templates.

This course will take you through the main steps to create a project in Harmony. In a very few hours, you will be able to use all the basic features and understand the creation workflow. You will be guided through the process with video tutorials and assets. Each step builds on the previous one. By the end of the tutorial, you will have a completed scene including animation, colour, background, camera move and effect.


Prior to starting Module 1: How to Create and Set Up your Project with Harmony Advanced, download the following files:


At the end of this journey, you will be able to:

  • Create new scenes
  • Use the basic drawing tools
  • Import templates
  • Import images
  • Create colour palettes
  • Paint drawings
  • Animate simple cut-out puppets
  • Create camera moves
  • Add colour cards
  • Add effects
  • Export projects

Activity 1: Orientation -   2 MINS

activity 2: Your First Harmony Project -   5 MINS

In this topic, you will learn about the project you will create as well as manipulating the interface views. To complete these tutorials, you will need to download the provided sample material. You will be guided step-by-step through the entire creation process.

Activity 3: How to Create a Project -   10 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to create your first Harmony project using the Welcome Screen window.

Activity 4: How to Import a Bitmap Image -  10 MINS

In this tutorial, you will learn to import a bitmap image using settings that allow you to view images in the Drawing view and handling transparencies in Harmony Essentials.

activity 5: How to Import a Template -  10 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to import templates from the library to your project. Templates are reusable assets that can be added to any scene. It can be a drawing, an animation, a cut-out puppet, effects, and more.

Turn in your project folder for this Module to the TurnIn folder when you have completed all 4 sections. Show me your check marks on the website when you have completed them.

Module 2: How to Draw and Animate with Harmony Advanced

Learn about drawing, color palettes, frame-by-frame animation, painting, and animating a cut-out puppet. (1 hr 45 minutes)


To complete this topic, you will need the following from the sample material you downloaded:

  • Your Mountaintop_Hike scene (from Assignment #1)

Activity #1 : How to Create a Color Palette -   15 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to create a simple color palette for your animation.

Activity #2:  How to Draw an Object -  15 MINS

It this topic, you will learn to use the main drawing tools to clean a rough drawing. You will use the Pencil, Cutter, and Contour Editor tools.

Activity #3: How to Animate Frame-by-Frame -  20 MINS

In this topic, you will learn about animating drawings frame-by-frame using a rough animation as reference and the Onion Skin feature.

Activity #4: How to Add a Color Card -  5 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to add a color card to your project to view the black lines when exporting animation without a background.

Activity #5: How to Paint an Animation - 20 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to paint multiple drawings using your palette as well as closing gaps and drawing with invisible lines (strokes).

Activity #6: How to Animate a Cut-out Puppet -  30 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to import the provided cut-out puppet and animate it using keyframes and the Transform tool.


Module 3: How to Add Effects and Camera Moves with Harmony Advanced

Learn how to create camera moves, add a blur effect and export your project as a QuickTime movie


Activity #1 - How to Create a Camera Move - 15 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to create a camera move by panning the camera.

Activity #2 - How to Add an Effect -   10 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to add a blur effect to your scene and how to preview a final sample frame in Render mode.

Activity #3 - How to Export a Project - 10 MINS

In this topic, you will learn how to export your project as a movie file.




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